Deprem İzle

  • depremizle

Depremizle tracks earthquakes occurred in Turkey and its neighbourhoods. It’s name means earthquake watch in Turkish.

It reads earthquake activities from source provided by Turkish authorities. Original data haven’t any specific information about earthquakes. Website calculates these missing information using coordinates and previous earthquake statistical data.

Depremizle is also only website that categorizes earthquakes by Turkish provinces.

We had launched Depremizle before 9th anniversary of 17 August 1999 Earthquake in 2008.

Depremizle is also important for community. Especially after large earthquakes, official website is down because of massive count of visitors. Depremizle is very useful resource for people to learn information about earthquake very quickly. We optimized website for high-demand more than 5K real-time visitors.

We also implemented an easy messaging feature for each quake, which allows users to use it as an emergency board.