ETOM – E-Commerce Automation System

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ETOM is extended version of 2F CMS for e-commerce.

ETOM developed as a SaaS(Software as an Service). It’s state of art software architecture allows itself to adopt any business types or 3rd party services.

Beside of successive standard e-commerce projects, ETOM has different

ETOM Powered Game Exchange Service

It proved itself by perfect different type of business. We perfectly adopted ETOM in to game exchange network which allows customers can exchange used console games with other used games even new one.

ETOM Powered Magazine Subscription Service

From the beginning, ETOM designed to work with repetitive purchases like memberships.

ETOM has powerful features like built-in caching, SEO optimised themes, powerful theme structures. It’s also integrated to most known 3D Secure credit card services and mobile payment solutions.