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Platform Development

1998 – 2022

About the Project

The origins of the ETOM Framework date back to 1998, rooted in the challenges we encountered during the development processes of a portal we established. Since its inception, the system has evolved to facilitate the rapid market introduction of dozens of different products across various sectors, ranging from real estate to automotive, and from IT processes to enterprise business software.

One of the platform’s most significant features is its comprehensive documentation, making it easy for developers, even those at the beginning of their software development journey, to seamlessly integrate into projects.

Developing concurrently with modern low-code development platforms, the ETOM Framework has achieved recognition in a project competition organized by the Trakya Development Agency.

Today, the project has been upgraded to align with current cloud-based software standards. Applications developed on the platform can be swiftly deployed and operationalized in the cloud.

The Problem

In the rapidly evolving world of software development, organizations face several recurring challenges. Firstly, the traditional coding process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, often requiring specialized skills that may not be readily available. This scenario leads to prolonged development cycles, delaying the time-to-market for essential software solutions. Secondly, adapting to the changing needs of various industries while maintaining software quality and scalability is a significant hurdle. Many platforms struggle to balance flexibility with robustness, resulting in either overly rigid or unsustainably complex systems. Lastly, the integration of new technology trends, especially the shift towards cloud-based solutions, poses a challenge for many existing development frameworks. They often fall short in providing the necessary tools and environment for seamless cloud integration and deployment.

The ETOM Framework addresses these challenges head-on with its innovative approach, ensuring that organizations can stay ahead in a competitive and fast-paced technological landscape.


Efficient Development Cycle

The ETOM Framework significantly reduces the time and resources needed for software development. Its low-code approach enables rapid application development, allowing organizations to bring products to market faster.

Industry Agnostic Flexibility

Designed to cater to diverse industry needs, from real estate to IT processes, the ETOM Framework offers a unique balance of flexibility and robustness, ensuring quality and scalability across various sectors.

Cloud-Ready Solutions

Understanding the shift towards cloud-based applications, the ETOM Framework is fully equipped for cloud integration. It simplifies the deployment of cloud-ready applications, ensuring quick setup and operational efficiency in a cloud environment.


The ETOM Framework emerges as a comprehensive solution to the pressing challenges in software development. By leveraging its low-code approach, the framework drastically cuts down on development time and simplifies the process, enabling even those with limited coding expertise to contribute effectively. Its versatility allows it to adapt seamlessly across various industries, ensuring that the solutions developed are both robust and scalable. Furthermore, the framework’s modern design is fully aligned with cloud-based technologies, facilitating effortless deployment and operation of applications in the cloud. This combination of speed, adaptability, and cloud compatibility positions the ETOM Framework as an ideal tool for organizations looking to innovate rapidly and efficiently in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Project Highlights

Rapid Development & Deployment

Rapid Development & Deployment

The ETOM Framework accelerates the software development cycle, enabling rapid prototyping, development, and deployment. This speed is achieved through its low-code approach, which significantly reduces the need for detailed hand-coding, allowing businesses to respond quickly to market demands and opportunities.
Ease of Use for Developers

Ease of Use for Developers

A standout feature of the ETOM Framework is its user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation. These aspects make it accessible not only to experienced developers but also to those new to software development, democratizing the development process and fostering innovation across all levels of technical expertise.
Cross-Industry Adaptability

Cross-Industry Adaptability

Designed with versatility in mind, the ETOM Framework has proven its effectiveness across a diverse range of industries, from real estate to automotive, and IT processes to enterprise business software. This adaptability ensures that businesses in various sectors can leverage the framework for their unique software solution needs.
Cloud Integration and Scalability

Cloud Integration and Scalability

Embracing the latest trends in technology, the ETOM Framework offers robust cloud integration capabilities. This feature ensures that applications developed with the framework are cloud-ready, enabling scalable, secure, and efficient cloud deployment. This aligns with the modern shift towards cloud-based solutions and facilitates operational efficiency.

I find it challenging to comprehend how you can develop so many products so quickly with this platform. Even if we wanted to develop such products, we see that it requires large teams to work on these developments.

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