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About the Project

Smarty Symbols, a website catering to the needs of special education and speech-language pathology, underwent a significant upgrade with the introduction of Smarty Symbols Studio. This update was carried out by 34WP, the WordPress agency brand of FF, for the US-based Smarty Symbols. The newly developed Smarty Symbols Studio interface resembles the popular graphic design website Canva and was designed to replace the previous version of the Smarty Symbols application.

This transformation involved a smooth transition from the outdated infrastructure to the new Smarty Symbols Studio. The Studio was developed with a front-end Angular-based software, seamlessly integrated into the existing WordPress structure of the website. This upgrade was particularly impactful for thousands of hearing-impaired students and the hearing practitioners who educate them, providing a more advanced, user-friendly, and efficient platform for creating and utilizing educational and therapeutic visual symbols.

The revamp to Smarty Symbols Studio represents a significant step forward in enhancing the accessibility and effectiveness of visual communication tools, especially in educational and therapeutic settings. The integration of a modern, intuitive interface similar to Canva within the WordPress framework has likely made it easier for users to create, customize, and utilize visual aids, thereby improving the learning experience for students with hearing impairments and other special needs.

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