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Relocation of the .TC ccTLD’s Domain Name Registry Infrastructure to Turkey and Management of Marketing Activities Following the Re-targeting

FF Bilişim played a critical role in the process of transferring the domain name extension to Turkey. We began work immediately after acquiring the domain name extension from its previous owner, Adamsnames, a UK-based company.

The new management of the domain name provided all the solutions required for the project, delivered turnkey by FF Bilişim Publishing and Production. Initially, we started working on transforming the outdated registry infrastructure of the domain name extension, which was located in the UK. In coordination with ICANN, the domain name’s infrastructure was successfully transferred to servers in Turkey in record time, without any issues with a single domain name.

During this process, we individually communicated with domain name registrars to coordinate the integration into the new system. Thanks to our new registration system, designed in accordance with ICANN standards, many registrars were able to integrate seamlessly into the system and offer .TC domain name extensions to their customer bases.

Being a country extension, the .TC administration, unlike the new generation domain names, also had the opportunity to market the domain name directly. For this purpose, the www.tc address was allocated as a direct sales channel. FF Bilişim also developed the software for direct sales, integrated it with the registry system, and prepared the web design, social media accounts, and the corporate identity of the company.

Alongside these technical efforts, the brand’s launch process was also planned in conjunction with a PR firm. As part of the marketing process, company newspaper ads, TV commercials, and the intros and outros of TV programs sponsored by the company in the “Presents/Presented” format were also provided by FF’s media production team.

The successful marketing process ultimately led to an annual domain name registration figure of 50,000, the highest in the Turkish domain name sector. Marketing strategies for the .TC domain name included efforts to increase its usage rate, both through collaborations with third-party organizations and direct marketing approaches. Particularly, a trend that started on social media and our developed Facebook application increased the registration numbers of the domain name, making it one of the few real-time marketing examples in Turkey.

in the relocation of the .TC ccTLD’s Domain Name Registry Infrastructure to Turkey was the complexity of transferring and updating the technical infrastructure. Moving the registry from the UK-based system to a local server in Turkey, while ensuring seamless service and no downtime for existing domain names, presented logistical and technical challenges. This was compounded by the need to align with ICANN’s standards and integrate with various registrar systems globally. Additionally, the re-targeting of marketing activities to boost the adoption and recognition of the .TC domain in a competitive market dominated by more established domain names posed a significant challenge. The task involved not only technical integration but also creating a strong brand presence and awareness in a crowded digital landscape.

Furthermore, developing a direct sales channel through www.tc required creating an effective online platform that integrates with the registry system, along with developing a comprehensive marketing and PR strategy. The aim was to increase the visibility and attractiveness of the .TC domain, competing against more popular top-level domains (TLDs). Engaging with the target audience through traditional and digital marketing channels, and establishing the .TC domain as a reliable and attractive option for Turkish entities, required a well-coordinated, innovative marketing approach.



To address the infrastructure transfer challenges, FF Bilişim initiated a comprehensive overhaul of the existing system. This involved coordinating with ICANN and updating the registry infrastructure to meet current standards and technological advancements, ensuring a smooth transition with zero downtime. A meticulous approach to data migration and system integration was adopted, ensuring that all existing domain names remained functional and secure during the transition.

For the marketing challenges, FF Bilişim developed a robust marketing strategy that included a blend of traditional and digital marketing techniques. The direct sales channel was complemented by an interactive and user-friendly web platform, optimized for both visibility and ease of use. The marketing strategy also leveraged social media channels effectively, initiating campaigns that resonated with the target audience, and employed real-time marketing tactics, such as a specially developed Facebook application, to drive engagement and registrations.

The PR strategy was key in building brand recognition and trust. Collaborating with a PR firm, the launch of the .TC domain was accompanied by a series of well-planned promotional activities, including newspaper ads, TV commercials, and sponsorships, effectively communicating the benefits and reliability of the .TC domain. This comprehensive approach to infrastructure transfer and strategic marketing significantly increased the .TC domain’s market penetration and visibility, making it a competitive player in the domain registry market.

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